Pamela (PK) Klein-Kurland

Watercolors and Jewelry


I have been involved in the arts as long as I can remember, but began watercolor painting in earnest about 15 years ago.  At Mundelein College I painted in oils, not having the patience to deal with the challenge of the watercolor medium.  Now I prefer the transparency, unpredictability and flexibility of watercolor.

Painting is an opportunity to stretch my mind to its limits, to realize on paper the thoughts, visions and intangibility of the artistic process.



I prefer to paint en plein air - natural subjects such as landscapes, interesting flowers, found objects, trees and foliage (dead or alive), capturing the colors and the moods of my subjects in a mix of the abstract and the realistic.  With no fear of color, I welcome expressing myself in the capriciousness of watercolor and the apprehension as the first bit of pigment is applied to the paper.

I started creating beaded jewelry several years ago, looking for a medium in which I could use an innate design and color sense to bring to fruition art that could be worn and enjoyed.  I travel a great deal and I also wanted a way to realize artistic expression while spending long hours on a plane or in airports.

I look for elements of my necklaces and bracelets locally and in far-off places.  I use glass beads of various sizes for my designs, with embellishments that may come from Africa--semi-precious stones, shells and clay), Japan and Italy.  I am particularly fond of Murano or Venetian glass beads for their light-altering properties and brilliant colors; you can see these on the drop or end portion of the long necklaces.

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